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Mon, 17 Feb 2003 23:36:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Skidd O Rowe
Subject: Eleven Fifty Seven Part one (M/b, cons, no sex-yet)WARNING!This FICTIONAL STORY contains sexual situations between an ADULT MALE and a
MINOR BOY. If that offends you, just DON'T READ IT! Simple as that. I DO
NOT ENDORSE OR ADVOCATE such behavior or situations like this, except
within the confines of one's mind and/or the written word. It's just a
FAIRY TALE, folks. No real harm done. OK?Skiddo12yahoo.comREAD! NO SEX YET! This is part one. Wait for part two!
[Man/boy, pedo, cons, oral, anal, tickle, feet]=======
Skidd O. Rowe
-7:57pm- "Pumpkin," I said as I pulled up to the curb
outside the hotel. "We're here, Pumpkinhead.
Pumpkin?" naked girls 12-16
Popped the CD out of the player as I glanced
back to see Joshua sprawled horizontally across the
back seats - sound asleep. At 4'7", he wasn't a tight
fit. The kid was on his back with his blu backpack
under his sweet lil'head. Lord, he's so damned cute,
I thought. Musta sighed as I soaked in the sight of
him; Beatle-cut auburn mop with butyl flashing tape 3 those silky bangs
across his forehead, the long eyelashes of his closed
eyes, those cute
freckles by the sides of his adorable elfin nose, and
those pretty pink-rose lips of his tiny boy mouth.
Such a peaceful sleeping beauty doll of a male child.
Ironic. Normally, Josh is a super hyper-active
energizer bunny of a boy. Always fidgety, never
sitting still. Yet there he was - sleeping like the
baby he black deepthroats 4 free still was. eureka 7 porn 12yo girls porn Was pretty sleepy myself. sex porno 16 yers Guess
Mozart will do that to you during a five-hour drive,
or so I've been told. Good thing I parked next to the hotel
entrance, cause the celeb of 1960 s rain was falling with a vengeance
that night. Made a swift exit `n' entry from my car
to the lobby desk. Booked a single for two and asked
the desk clerk were the payphone was. Got Lynn's
answering machine, so I left a message that Josh and I
were only two hours away. We'd spend the night here,
then we'd
arrive tomorrow by ten in time to get together with
her and the boys. Tomorrow was a big day for me and
Josh; our birthdays, gonna celebrate Josh's first
decade alive and my third. Hoped tomorrow would be
sunny. Rushed back out into the downpour to my car
trunk with 70 pussyfuck the key already in my hand. Pulled 55 gal fuel drums out my
umbrella first, then a large black duffel bag with a
shoulder strap. Opened the car door and tapped Josh's
leg a few times to wake him. But the boy just let out
a soft moan and rolled on his side. Poor Pumpkinhead
was really pooped. With a little effort, and a heavy
bag on my shoulder, I carried my 78 pound pride `n'
joy from the back seat into the lobby. The clerk was
dealing with an elderly couple as I headed toward the
elevators. "M-marv?" Josh murmured half-asleep as we
got off at the ninth floor. "We there yet?" Got the door open and let the heavy duffel
bag slip to the floor as I carried Josh to the
double-bed and gently laid his small body across it.
My hair was soaked but his was just slightly matted.
The few raindrops across his cheeks almostlooked like
tears. What a sweet sight he was. Tucked a pillow
under his head and unlaced his white Reeboks. I
carefully pulled
one shoe off his foot and then the other. Sniffed the
inside of Josh's left shoe, almost without thinking.
Musta been groggy from all that long driving. 16 yo girls nudes The
sweaty 99 cummins diesel diy
smell from Josh's shoe was a sweeter aroma than
all the flowers in the garden of eden. essex river da 2010 Within seconds
of that scent entering my nostrils, my boiling blood
cells 16yo. nonude rushed 15 yr nude pix
from my soaked head to my rapidly growing
cock. Really wasn't thinking. Common sense always
took a vacation once my repressed boylust emerged. I
looked and leered at the dirty soles of Josh's
sock-clad feet. Could easily make out the smudgy
outlines of the kid's toes, curved arches and heels
against the white fabric. Leaned over and megaupload dms file215 across till
my nose was only inches from the child's toes. Took a
deep whiff, the odor was stronger and more pungent.
My cock throbbed hard
against the tightening crotch of my pants. The smell
of boyfeet always did this to me. Suddenly, Josh
cooed softly. I snapped out tits 12yo of it. Where was my
fuckin' head? Was throbbin' like fury and was surely
gonna burst thru my trousers like some crazed alien
phallux. 12 y.o girl nude Dropped the shoe as I headed for the
Unzipped my fly and all my eight and a half inches
sprung forth; a thick veiny pulsing erection with the
mind of it's almost thirty year-old owner. Tried to
piss, but hadda wait a few minutes for my ragin'
member to calm down. I flushed and wiped my face with
a towel. What the fuck was I thinking? I hadn't
forged an emotional bond with a boy like Josh just so
I could
satisfy my paedophallic animal lust for boyfeet. Josh
wasn't some preteen chickenboy whore I could sexually
exploit on a fuckin' whim. The boy deserved better
then that. Splashed a dash of 14yo girls get fucked cold tap across my face
whose mirror image I suddenly look notice of. Was a
fairly handsome yet very nervous face of a man only
three hours and forty minutes away from his thirtieth
birthday. tits 12yo Weird, I thought, that Josh and I should
share 13 nude girl the same birthday. Me and my reflection stared
each other as I reflected back on things. The back
and eureka 7 porn then, the here and now, and the up and coming. Most of it concerned Josh and myself, but
not just us. There was the widow of my deceased
stepbrother, Lynn, and her two boys, Shawn and Darryl.
Hadn't seen the three of them 14 yo girl masturbating
since the funeral.
When I last saw Shawn and Darryl, they were seven and
eight, respectively. During the four following years
of phone
calls, letters and e-mails between me and them, Lynn
and the boys always let me know how much they all
missed having me around. It's not that I didn't want
to see Lynn and 14 girls sexs jpg the boys. Quite the contrary. I've
lost count of the times I've missed being hugged by
Lynn's little rascals. But since I thought I had come
to terms with my sexual feelings for little boys, I
believed it might be wise to keep a healthy distance
from my stepbrother's
children. I loved them enough to put their best
interests above my trivial perversities. Yet, they
all missed me almost as much as I missed them.
Perhaps it was thru my self-imposed state of isolation
that set the stage for someone like Josh to enter my
life. In a way, Josh was the reason for this
situation. Lynn, when I mentioned Josh, made me
promise to come and visit here and the boys when
Pumpkinhead and I had our next birthdays. As far as
Lynn and the boys were concerned, I was family. When
they learned about Josh and me, they figured that he's
family, too. Makes sense, right? A family that loves
you isn't something you stuff in a bag and forget.
Forget. Forget? Good grief! Forget Josh's bag! I left Josh's blu backpack in the car. He's
gonna want it with him when he's awake. Had it with
him when I first met him, maybe even before I met him.
It's like his personal security blanket. Every kid
has one. Josh never went anywhere without it. Alright. Out of the bathroom and the hotel
room I slipped. Fished out a pack a'smokes from my
jacket pocket as I entered the elevator and pressed
the lobby button. Only one damn smoke left.
Nevermind. Planned to quit soon, anyway. Gotta quit
worrying, I thought as I stepped into the lobby and
thru the front doors. Still 122 cumshot video raining, opened the car
and got the bag.
Mission accomplished. From the car thru the lobby and
in the elevator I went with Josh's bag. Hell, he's
asleep. He'll video ls magazine 5 never know it was gone or that I was
gone. We'll be up at 7 or 7:30am, eureka 7 porn get dressed, get
breakfast and get goin'. In two hours flat, we'll be
at Lynn's. Just she, me and the three boys all
for a few weeks in the summer. Really hoped tomorrow
would be sunny as I got off at the ninth floor.
-8:26pm- "The thing's broken," spoke Josh,
wide-awake, in that unbroken treble-toned voice of his
as I entered the room. "Too hot in here, Marv." "Thought you were tired, Pumpkin," I said as
I tossed the boy's bag on the bed while moving toward
the far-right corner of the room where Josh was by the
windows trying to pull up the blinds. Damn cord was
jammed or something. "Where's the air conditioner?" "Told'ja, it's bleach manga 162 broken. 15 yr nude pix
Have'ya seen my
bag?" "On the bed, just brought it up," I told the
kid as I pushed the blinds aside to reach the window's
switch-lock. With some effort, I slide the window
open a few inches allowing some cooler air and a few
renegade raindrops inside this stuffy dump of a room.
"There!" sylvania microwave p70d20al-d5 "Whatta dump, huh?" I heard the boy remark
as I turned to see him standing between the TV and the
bed. Out like Rip Van Winkle minutes ago and now up
and about with those priceless emerald-green eyes of
his wide open. His blu-denim jacket was off. porn 16 Just
Pumkinhead in his red Spider-Man T-shirt, fading
stone-washed blu-jeans, and those smelly white 12 y.o. girls pics
socks. The boy's slender arms were wrapped around his
precious bag, hugged against his small chest. "Been
in worse, ya'know." 16 girl ing
"Really?" I responded, trying not to sound
inquisitive. Josh grew quiet, green-eyes looking around
the room but not at me. He sat at the foot of the
bed, his feet off the rug. Zipped his bag open and
looked board3 paran thru it. Don't know what's in it. Josh has
never shown me, but he made me promise to never look
in his bag. One of the deals of our relationship.
I'd never pry into his things or his past before I met
him three years ago.
Agreed. Pumpkin was entitled to his secrets. He'll
show`n'tell me when he's ready...someday. "Okay, Pumpkin," I said, with a yawn, hoping
to set the stage for us to get some shuteye. "We
gotta two-hour drive ahead of us in the morning.
Let's hit the hay so we can be up
by...(YAWN)...seven." "I'm hungry!" , peeped the unsleepy
youngster while rubbing his little tummy. "Hungry? Now?" "Justa little." I sighed. 14 yo girl masturbating
"Pumpkin...uh...well, maybe a bedtime snack.
A Twinkie?" "A HOT DOG!" "Hot dog?" "Pleeeeeeaase?" he pleaded looking up at me
wearing that Keane-painting expression with those
emerald-eyes all puppy-wide. "Whadda want on it?" "Musturd, relish, catsup!" "Sure, nothing to drink?" "Yeah, a Coke!" "Of course," I answered with a touch of
subtle sarcasm which I figured Josh would be too young
to detect. "No problem. Think I spotted an all-night
diner bout ten miles from here. Be back in a flash." As I headed for the door, Josh scooted off
the bed and wrapped his short arms around my waist. "Thanks, Marv," he softly spoke as I felt
the embracing child's 16 jahre alt porn small head pressed against my
chest. I gently stroked the small boy's silky mop as
he looked up at me with a wide wonderful
dimple-cheeked smile on his sweet face. I then slowly
broke off our tight embrace for fear that he might
feel the lengthening organ in my pants pressing
against his belly. "Yer
the kewlest." "So are you, pumpkin," I said as headed out
the door. "Mustard, relish, ketchup and a coke." tiny kids thumb 12yo "Uhhh, could'ja make it a Yahoo?" First thing I noticed as I stepped thru the
lobby door was that the rain had stopped. Fished my
last smoke out of my jacket pocket as I breathed in
the misty air. Noticed a 24/7 convenience store
across the rain-slicked street while wondering how
would I get my 34c babe
lil'Pumkinhead to go to bed. Justa
chocolate Yahoo would keep him up for hours, and I
needed my sleep. I lit up as the green light did and
crossed over toward
the store. A homeless man was standing next to the
entrance, collecting donations for his next bottle,
maybe. Sucked a half-inch off my smoke when I turned
and looked up at the Hotel, saw the light from the
ninth floor room. That's when it occurred to me. He
musta wanted me out of the room. Yeah! Josh, that
green-eyed imp, was probably searchin' my bag right
now for hidden presents. Ha! Bet he was just playin'
possum in the backseat all the time. Most of his
presents were in the trunk, but I had three videogame
CDs wrapped inside a shirt at the bottom of my bag.
Would not be surprised if my shirt was in that boy's
greedy hands now. Just like last Christmas.
Pumpkinhead sniffed out every single present I had
hidden prior to the 25th. Couldn't enter the damn
house without him somehow sensing that I had somethin'
for him. Kid could read me like those old gay porn
mags I had hidden in my room. Josh found those too. Enough. Tossed that smokin' butt in the
gutter. Went and bought the kid's hot dog and Yahoo.
Also bought myself a can of Coke and a fresh pack of
smokes. Might need em', tonight. Crossed the street
tryin' to think of ways to get hyper-boy to get to
sleep. Won't be easy with this junk in his system.
was feelin' as stuffy as the 13 nude girl
damn room, since the rain
stopped. Better be fuckin' sunny tomorrow.
skiddo12yahoo.comFlame me if you're dyin' to be ignored!
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